Workshops/ Seminare

It Doesn’t Work Anyway: Measuring the Impact of Political Art Actions

Since 2020, WeiterSo! Collective has been concerned with the question of how the turbulence created by political art actions can be translated into actual change.

What needs to be planned and how to not only "attract" media attention for a short period of time but to shift the focus of coverage and discourse in a sustainable way?
How can our target, be it a gas lobbying association or a political party, be prevented from sitting out the criticism and then carrying on as before?
What could be the means not only to strip the emperor of his clothes, but take them away for good?
How to root a stunt in lasting change by impact oriented strategizing?
WeiterSo! Collective has some concrete ideas and wants to exchange practical strategies with you.

In the workshop we will discuss our concept of impact-measuring and apply it together with you to different targets.
We want to put our heads together and learn from you! By the end, our campaign planning toolboxes will be filled with new ideas ready to be tested in reality. And we'll be even better thorns in the eye.